Reset Plug — Could Be Interesting

The onSpot guys haven’t tested this little device, but it does sound promising. We might have to give it a shot.

Article here:

Tech company MultiNet says it’s new “smart plug” senses when your Internet stops working and can turn your WiFi router off and back on for you.

The device, called the Reset Plug, fits into a standard electrical socket and constantly monitors your Internet connection. If the Internet goes out, the plug will cycle power through your router every five minutes until service returns.

At $59.99, the Reset Plug isn’t cheap. And compared to other labor-saving technologies, the amount of work it eliminates is minimal.

But in a world of Amazon Dash and Task Rabbit, no chore is too trivial to outsource to technology.

Reset Plug
The Reset Plug fits into a standard electric socket.

Reset Plug
The Reset Plug can attach to a surge protector and work with multiple devices.