Marina Cams

Along with great WiFi, onSpot can also deploy a powerful Marina Surveillance Camera System. Using our managed and dependable 802.11ac backhaul we’re able to offer excellent HD video coverage at our marinas -and- hold down costs at the same time.

Maybe just to monitor the fuel dock or to keep a watchful eye on the entire marina, Marina Cams provide a simple and inexpensive way to observe and record video of a marina and its traffic.

Our technology partner for Marina Cams is HIKvision.

Good Company — Great Product — Great Support

Watch Real Time Video — North Palm Beach Marina, North Palm Beach, FL

HIKvision HD Smart IP Camera Demo

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Whatever magic you performed on the dock yesterday, it is extraordinary!

Team OnSpotWiFi

Please know that whatever magic you performed on the dock yesterday, it is extraordinary! I have gone from frustrating, limited connections to lightening speed. I was able to stream for hours & hours last night. Thank you again for taking the time, energy and effort to diagnose and find a solution to my issues. I hope this has resolved all of the problems for access to internet on the docks.
It means everything today, to have an organization that stands behind their products and is able to back it up with exceptional service. You have a fantastic team. On a personal note...Bob, I would be proud to wear an OnSpot WiFi t-shirt now!

Thank you again...

Claudia Wisbrod - The Bay, Legacy Harbor Marina C-16 2044 W First St, Fort Myers, FL 33901