About Us

We’re wireless network designers, marine electronics technicians, WiFi system engineers and proven successful business people. But most importantly — we’re boaters and we have been for years.

onSpot is aware of what it’s like to be tied up at a marina with no internet when needing to contact family, trying to take care of business, or just wanting to stream a good movie.

We’ve been there — that’s why we started this company. We believe that our most effective services are rooted in genuine customer insight and empathy. Understanding marinas and boaters is at the heart of everything we do.

onSpot wifi was created to focus specifically on marina clients, providing them with real solutions for their unique wireless internet needs.

From Tampa Bay to Chesapeake Bay, from Key West to Nantucket, onSpot’s partner marinas and their boaters are enjoying reliable state of the art high speed internet. At a modest and manageable pace, we’re still growing.


In 2005, because of our love of boating, onSpot began installing wireless hotspots at remote marinas across Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.


Sometimes necessity creates opportunity and in 2008 onSpot found it necessary to sort out a solution to bring communications and internet to small remote islands in the Bahamas. Compass Cay was our first and still our favorite installation. From there onSpot brought WiFi service to more islands in the Exumas.


In 2013, onSpot expanded to Florida and doubled their list of partner marinas in a year. As word spread so did onSpot’s presence.


Slowly but surely in 2019, onSpot wifi has become the preferred Marina WiFi Provider for Florida and the East Coast of the United States.

Your company has shown customer service as good as I've ever seen. You know what you're doing, you follow through on what you say, you diagnose and fix issues, and you do it all without making the customer feel ignorant. I had no reason to expect such a good experience today, given the mysteries of IT. But you made me feel terrific, helped my wife do her job, and we are grateful.
David Swords
"Lea Scotia"
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