For Marinas

onSpot means a great network design that works, is supported, and can grow.

We’re professionals at this. We only install WiFi systems at marinas. We know what works and what you need so that WiFi is a benefit to boaters and not a hassle to you.

onSpot means that you don’t pay us until it works.

We guarantee you’ll love your onSpot wifi and you’ll have no bill due from us until the system is working. If you don’t like what we installed, we’ll remove the equipment and part as friends. This motivates us to provide an exceptional system for you.

onSpot means you can easily budget for your marina’s WiFi.

There’ll be a reasonable upfront site fee that is less than the cost of the equipment and installation expense. We’ll each make a two year service commitment. During the two years, you’ll pay a fixed monthly support fee for equipment replacement, network monitoring and support. After two years, we commit to another two years of service and negotiate fairly.

onSpot means that only your customers can access your WiFi network.

We’ll provide an optional access pass for 3 days, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. These passwords ensure that only boaters in your marina will be able to use your WiFi.

onSpot means that you will never have to deal with an internet service provider.

We know the different internet providers (phone companies, cable companies, and even satellite companies). We’ll coordinate and secure the internet connection, always making sure your marina has the optimum bandwidth for its customers to maintain a high throughput which will make for an enjoyable web-surfing experience.

onSpot means that your motivations and our motivations are aligned.

We both want fast, reliable WiFi for all users at a fair price in a way that causes few questions, problems and complaints.

Congratulations, onSpot, and keep up the good work!
Capt. Jorge
Yacht 'Contigo'
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