Island Comms

onSpot means "We can work it out"

Just getting there takes a scrappy attitude, but the logistics involved in transporting, hooking up and successfully switching on a wireless network in these faraway locales is a monumental achievement that’s just short of a miracle. This milieu is where onSpot got its start and after many years of servicing these beautiful Cays, we’re probably better at it than anyone.

onSpot means "Everything's good"

Not only does onSpot have the technical knowledge to deploy state of the art wireless technology and communication equipment, we’re also adept at navigating through these islands, both nautically and culturally. We’ve been pilgrims of these Cays for years. onSpot loves these islands and their people. We’re truly family there.

We have probably docked at more than two dozen marinas in the last year. Always delighted to see one that has onSpot. Hope to see it as the new standard for marinas everywhere.
Yvonne Schick
DeFever 49' "Quite Nice"
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