Helpful Device for Improving Your WiFi Connection – Pepwave Surf SOHO Router

We recommend the Pepwave Surf SOHO router to improve WiFi performance throughout your boat. This is the quickest and easiest device to install on your boat to improve internal WiFi without having to mount an exterior antenna and install cables.

This router has a unique feature in that it is able to use a WiFi signal as its internet source. The SOHO router is able to use both the 5 GHz (fastest) signal and 2.4 GHz (as backup) from our antenna to bring the fastest internet signal into your boat and then it will broadcast its own 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz signal within your boat for all your devices to use. Because of the strength of its external antennas vs. the antennas in your wireless devices (laptop, phone, smart TV, etc.) you will experience faster internet and better connectivity using this router. Below are a couple of links where you can purchase the router –


* We have put together a Step by Step guide to help with setup and we are available over the phone to assist as well if you decide to purchase one. Click the following link for the Step by Step guide –

onSpot wifi Setup Guide for Pepwave Surf SOHO Router