Ditch The Dish — Cut The Cable — WiFi’s more Important Than ever

Soon, while at the dock, we boaters will have all the channel offerings that Cable or Satellite delivers without the cable or Dish. If we have strong WiFi

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AT&T to launch new Internet TV service

First Dish Network, then Comcast, and now AT&T. The giant TV, internet, and mobile provider will launch three new TV services available to anyone in the US with an internet connection—no cable or satellite subscription required. They’re expected to arrive in late 2016.

AT&T will sell the services through DirecTV—the satellite TV company with 20 million subscribers that AT&T acquired in 2014. AT&T serves about 6 million cable TV customers of its own with its U-verse service. These new services, though, are aimed at Americans who have either already cut the cord or never paid for cable TV in the first place.