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onSpot wifi has made Customer Happiness the benchmark on which we base our business performance metrics. We can design and build the most technically advanced wireless network in our industry, but if our customers are not happy, it’s worthless.

We believe that our most effective services are rooted in genuine customer insight and empathy; we serve at the pleasure of our customers and understanding marinas and boaters is at the heart of everything we do.

onSpot wifi is and through continuous improvement will remain … Better Marina WiFi ®

onSpot wifi has delivered on all levels for Marina Jack!

Strong, dependable WiFi was once a hope, but now a reality for this marina.
A first class marina needs first class WiFi and onSpot's partnership has made this happen!
Thank you for your A+ service in WiFi and Customer Support!

Sam Chavers Jr. - Marina Jack Dockmaster & Director of Marina Operations
Marina Jack - Sarasota, Florida

We will always stay at marinas that offers your service

I have been in a number of marinas that offer WiFi and have found them lacking in reliable connections and strong signals. I have been a customer at Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood, FL for over a year and the service, since they began using your service, is the best I've ever experienced in any marina. My wife and I try to spend winters in the Bahamas then return to a different area and stay for a year or so. After seeing what your company can do with WiFi, we will always stay at marinas that offers your service.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Carl for spending a great deal of time and I'm sure patience with me as I was trying to set up a new antenna. He went way beyond what I ever would have expected him to do. His commitment to providing top notch service is worthy of note and most appreciated.
Thank you,
Doug Alden
Cruising Boater/Liveaboard

Everybody is happy and good to go.

I just wanted to reach out briefly to let you know we had a Corporate meeting yesterday with all Loggerhead Marinas Harbormasters being present. The subject on WiFi was discussed and I am happy to report that those Marinas that you have installed the WiFi system are very happy. You already know we here at the Waterways are almost in for a year now, and we have been happy all along.

Wishing you all the best,

Steven Carlson - Manager
Loggerhead Marina, Waterways — Aventura, Florida

Our WiFi at Fort Pierce City Marina has been so much better since we have switched to onSpot wifi.

I was asked by one of our long term tenants to tell onSpot wifi who handles all of our WiFi issues what a great job they have done. Instead I suggest he write something and I will post it in our newsletter - "Thanks to Dean for getting a WiFi that really works. onSpot wifi is great. But more importantly the customer service provided by their technicians is truly outstanding. Not only have they been available anytime I have called but they have worked very hard to assist in solving any problems I have had. They're the best!" - I concur with him.

Anne Maurer - Dockmaster
Fort Pierce City Marina - Fort Pierce, Florida

If your marina is looking to install a new WiFi system or upgrade an existing WiFi system, l would highly recommend onSpot wifi for the job!

I would like to commend onSpot wifi for delivering the WiFi system they promised. Fast, reliable and user-friendly. Legacy Harbour Marina has provided complimentary WiFi for many years. Our previous WiFi company provided great WiFi in the early years. As times changed and equipment advanced, the system needed to be upgraded. onSpot delivered the newest and greatest state-of-the-art WiFi components.

The installation was fast and professional and we were up and running within two days. Our location was challenging because of the interference from condos and cell phone towers. onSpot overcame these obstacles and delivered a very fast and reliable WiFi network.

It was a real pleasure to work with onSpot wifi. I can’t speak highly enough about Bob and his skilled team of technicians.

Eric Ravenschlag - Harbourmaster
Legacy Harbour Marina - Fort Myers, Florida

I don't hesitate to recommend onSpot wifi to anyone looking for a reliable WiFi system.

onSpot wifi has shown consistent professionalism. They started on schedule and finished ahead of schedule. Our marina WiFi has never been this fast or reliable. The Bluffs Marina has been 95 to 100% full since the onSpot wifi Hotspot has been installed.

Almost zero complaints and if one comes in, one of their technicians is quick to fix.

Jaci Carpinella - Dockmaster
The Bluffs Marina - Jupiter, Florida

onSpot is Compass Cay Family

We had no internet and had no hope of getting internet till Bob visited the island and saw our problem. He promised he would come back and make it better and he did. He sent Will with equipment and now we have the best internet in all the Exumas.

We have had the best 5 years of marina business because our internet works fast and all the time. If there's a problem we call onSpot and it's fixed very fast. It has only gone down one time and that was because of the Hurricane. A week after the Hurricane, onSpot had the internet working — a month before anyone else in the Exumas.

Tucker Rolle - Owner
Compass Cay Marina

Turned on my router and was immediately connected!

Your WiFi system was working perfectly when we arrived back at Legacy Harbour.

We've been watching some World Cup games being streamed down - thanks for a great system!

Fred Metcalf - Resident techie and happy boater
Legacy Harbour Marina - Fort Myers, Florida

onSpot wifi is the best we have ever had.

They customized the job specifically for this marina and they don’t stop even after the initial installation. This morning I got an email from Bob Taylor asking me if I had any trouble last night. These days it is so infrequent that companies call to ask if you have a problem… they just wait for your phone call. The customer service line is extremely helpful to us by keeping us out of the loop with individual issues. Will spent an hour with one of my customers helping them with their streaming movies.

Debbie Hogan — Marina Manager
Palm Coast Marina - Palm Coast, Florida

Please know that whatever magic you performed on the dock yesterday, it is extraordinary!

Team onSpot wifi - Gentlemen...

I have gone from frustrating, limited connections to lightning speed. I was able to stream for hours & hours last night.
Thank you again for taking the time, energy and effort to diagnose and find a solution to my issues.
I hope this has resolved all of the problems for access to internet on the docks.
It means everything today, to have an organization that stands behind their products and is able to back it up with exceptional service. You have a fantastic team.

On a personal note... Bob, I would be proud to wear an onSpot wifi t-shirt now!
Wishing you a great Holiday Season...

Thank you again...
Claudia Wisbrod - "the bay"
Legacy Harbour Marina C-16 - Fort Myers, Florida

Congratulations, onSpot, and keep up the good work!

In the past it used to be extremely difficult to find any, not to mention adequate wireless internet service in the Bahamas, particularly in and around the islands away from New Providence. We are very pleased to have onSpot wifi at Compass Cay, Exumas as indeed they have brought the 21st century to this relatively remote part of the world. In this day and age it is imperative to have access to reliable internet service at all times. onSpot wifi customer service is always there to help when anything goes wrong and their response time is excellent.

Capt. Jorge
Yacht 'Contigo'

It's Nice to have wifi that you can brag about.

Heard from one of our customers today that has had the pleasure of enjoying wifi at ZYC and then he ventured off on a trip to the Southern Bay. He reported back our wifi is exceptional in comparison. Kudos!

Nice to have a wifi that you can brag about when talking with customers.

Jim Sharkey
Marina Manager
Zahniser's Yachting Center

One of the best decisions I have made in my career.

Incorporating onSpot into my marina is one of the best decisions I have made in my career. Thank you!

Chris Ferguson
General Manager
Morningstar Marinas at Golden Isles
St. Simons Island, GA